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Founded From Necessity

Enviro-Clean's featured product, Citra-Shield, was developed over 18 years ago in Southwest Florida. At the time, our cleaning company was pressure washing roofs and exterior surfaces to remove stains caused by biological growth. While pressure washing worked well, we would run into a myriad of issues cause by high pressure cleaning. Not only were we using a lot of water, we found that the exterior algae, mildew and fungus would return after a cleaning & treatment. Upon investigation we learned that these stain causing fungus were actually alive and had taken root in the surface. While pressure cleaning removed the surface stains, the water actually promoted more biological growth, Just like watering your plants. We learned that many companies utilized harsh chemicals and phosphates (Bleach/Chlorine) to treat these stains, however, these treatments were voiding roofing warranties and many times fading the color of the exterior surface.

Our technology does away with the old technique of pressure washing and scrubbing. Although those techniques may still be temporarily effective, the long-term effect of that process is taxing on all surfaces. Citra-Shield™ is the new, gentle cleaning system to keep all of your exterior surfaces looking brand new.

After trial and error, we were able to develop an exterior cleaner and preventative that safely removes stains caused by biological growth without the use of harsh chemicals or pressure washing. Once we introduced Citra-Shield to our customers, our company grew leaps and bounds. Since then, Citra-Shield has been applied to exterior surfaces around the world. Citra-Shield is manufactured in the USA and we are excited for future growth.



Citra-Shield is a biodegradable exterior surface cleaner that eliminates the need for pressure cleaning. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and cleans as well as prevents biological growth from staining exterior surfaces.


Citra-Shield works with the natural elements to safely remove stains caused by Algae, Mildew, Moss, Mold and Fungus. After application, Citra-Shield will begin cleaning your exterior surface and will continue to do so for months to follow.


Citra-Shield is proudly made in the United States of America. We currently have 2 fulfillment facilities. One in Florida and one in Texas. From these two areas we can service the entire country.


Being a small company, we strive to give our customers the best experience possible. We are prompt to answer any questions and are happy to provide support to everyone.

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