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"We have been using One Step Disinfect since the Pandemic. Simple to use & great coverage at a low price."

— J. Moses, Clean Up Group, NE


Stop the spread of viruses with our EPA registered disinfectant product, One Step Disinfect. Get complete coverage of interior and exterior surfaces with this easy to use disinfectant. There is a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Just wiping a surface does not disinfect it. Although this is common practice, it is not the proper way to eliminate germs and viruses living on the surface.  Please refer to the CDC for the proper description between “cleaning” and “disinfecting.”  The active ingredients in One Step Disinfect can be found on the EPA website and is listed as affective against SARS and COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Please contact us today to order One Step Disinfect. 

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One Step Disinfectant

The Advantages of using One Step Disinfectant.

  • Non-Corrosive 

  • Contains NO bleach

  • No Rinsing or Wiping

  • Prevents the spreading of viruses

  • Safe to use on all surfaces.

  • One easy step process- Just apply and let dry. 

Application Instruction

Application: Carefully read all instructions on label.  Apply One Step Disinfect to your affected surfaces as needed.

Materials Needed

  • One Step Disinfect Concentrate

  • Garden Pump Sprayer or Hand Sprayer

  • Hose / Sink to fill

  • Gloves and Mask depending on sensitivity.

Directions For Use: 

Mix 2 oz of One Step Disinfect with 1 gallon of water in a pump sprayer or spray bottle. Apply product to affected area(s) and allow a contact time of 10 minutes. After dwell time product can be wiped off or left to air dry. For the best results be sure to get complete saturation and coverage of area you are treating. 

EPA Registration Number


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